Joe Budden Goes Off on Safaree Over Erica Mena | Love & Hip Hop: New York

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Joe Budden confronts Safaree in a fury when he goes behind his back and invites Erica Mena to Costa Rica despite her past with Cyn Santana.

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  1. Joe Bubben is ah complete asshole .. FIRST od Sarfaree don’t have 2 ask him shit an they way dat went down was soo lame an I felt Joe Bubben jua wanted 2 be ah bully actin bitch by an try 2 punk Sarfaree on tv cuz he kno dat dude don’t fight .. Like dat was soo stupid especially wen no one was gona see her an 2 why duo anyo e have 2 explain shit 2 Joe Budden .. Like why he don’t go act Game like dat ? Game made ah whole dis somg bout Cyn suvkin his dick… like Joe jus wanted sum drama cuz it definitely wasnt dat SERIOUS an plus Everbody has an ex an soo wat .. I feel dat part jus trunt mee an my friends off from dah show cuz Everyone alwayz wana pick on dah gud guy Sarfaree an we DON’T like dst .. Fuck LOVE & Hip Hop phor dat… an Joe Bubben is ASSHOLE 2 react in sumone soo stupid jus 2 lok like ah tuff guy …

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