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Blueface Drops $36k

“Blueface” Drops $36k On A Dining Room Table Set! 💰

KHIA has receipts on Trina

KHIA Pulls Most Embarrassing Receipts On Trina

Trina & Bobby Lytes Accuse KHIA

Trina & Bobby Lytes Accuse “KHIA” Of Something Heinous Following Their Beef & Salami 😨

Kevin O’Leary Reacts: Living On $1.6 Million A Year In Los Angeles

“Shark Tank” investor Kevin O’Leary takes a look at how real estate investor and YouTube star Graham Stephan handles his money.

Could This Robot Improve Your Sleep? | Sleeping With Friends

Could sleeping with a robot improve your rest? In part two of our sleep competition, Donna (Psych IRL) and Mitch (AsapScience) test the latest in sleep technology.

Unboxing A $2000 “Direct Kicks”

Sneaker Mystery Box (Worth It?)

The End of Nissan in America (Going Bankrupt)

Nissan going bankrupt. This Makes Me Sad for Nissan and America, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer.


Locked up for 3.5 years for drug related charges , Christina explains how one wrong decision and hanging out the wrong group messed up her life at 18 years old.