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Tory Lanez Explains Why Lizzo Is His Spirit Animal | Arts & Raps

Tory Lanez stops by Dilan’s house to explain Stripperdom, the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues?!

Lil Wayne & Birdman Have a Jacuzzi in the Living Room

Happy Birthday, Lil Wayne! Only a real one puts a jacuzzi in the living room

David Blaine Predicts Cards for Jamie Foxx

Innovative endurance artist and magician David Blaine predicts cards for actor Jamie Foxx and manages to call out what could have been his card

The Curious Case of Repeating Number Patterns – Numerology

Has it ever happened that certain numbers appeared in repeating sequence, right in front of you? Like, boarding the bus No 111, then meeting someone exactly at 1:11pm and later paying a bill amount of 111?

Goats take over empty Welsh streets as residents observe coronavirus lockdown

A herd of goats has taken over the deserted streets of Llandudno, north Wales, where the residents are in lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic

Why Martin Lawrence Turned Down ‘New Jack City

Did you know “Martin Lawrence” was originally suppose to star in 1991’s New Jack City? For a new episode of ‘Here’s Why’ we take a look at the role he would ultimately turn down.

U.S. Coronavirus Death Toll Is Now Higher Than 9/11 Terror Attacks

Trump started his coronavirus briefing by talking up a Defense Dept. effort to stop narcotics from coming into the U.S. on the same day the death toll from COVID-19 surpassed the number who died in the September 11th terror attacks.

Beetle juice when he was Depressed and Suicidal

Guys Beetlejuice is in a bad place. Just like this video to show him some love and support. Thanks. We cannot lose Beetlejuice.

Inside a $40.5M Estate With a “Batcave” Garage | On The Market

Today AD takes you to the Russian Hill neighborhood of San Francisco, where adjacent to the iconic twists of Lombard Street lies a super luxurious estate like none other.

Drake Shares First Photos of His Son, Adonis | TMZ

Drake’s finally ready to show us what his kid looks like — and if you had blonde hair and blue-ish eyes in your office Adonis pool … you’re a big winner.