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Scam City: The Movie

Rizzo Luciano & VisualAddicts Presents A Detroit Film called “Scam City: The Movie” Which takes place in the city of Detroit, Michigan. Its about a guy named “Jamal Jugg” played by Rizzo Luciano, who goes around Scaming Individuals in many ways, Then finds out one of the guys he was working with is a Federal […]


Written by Marcus Beeks Shot by KIDEAZY FILMS & D.O.P.E FILMS edited by Elijah Kideazy Blaylock of (KIDEAZY FILMS)

No Honor Amongst Thieves

No Honor Amongst Thieves short film (Detroit Movie)

Trafficking Detroit movie (Short Film)

Ski has a plan to make money in Detroit trafficking, until Boo and his family have something to say about it.


“Loser” Award Winning Short Film


JUNIOR – Anti-Bullying Short Film

Missing at 17

A woman tries to save her adopted daughter from a criminal, and enlists help from the girl’s biological mother.


The sequel to the best hood movie of 2018


“HOOD CHICKS” (New 2019 Detroit Movie) – From the Creators of “The Come Up”

Marketing Promoting and Releasing urban indie films

Harlem Talk Radio’s Lydgia Pass interviewed ImageNation founder Moikagantsi Kgama at the Shrine performance lounge in Harlem while hosting a film meet and greet for RESTLESS CITY’s producer, cast & production.