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The Real Jigsaw Murderer – Full Documentary

Stephen Marshall also known as “Jigsaw Killer” Out of 34 sex offenders listed on the Maine registry, Marshall took down the information on 29 of them.

The most Dangerous Cults In The World

The most Dangerous Cults In The World – Full Documentary Films

The Inquisition On A Christian Sect | Secret Files of The Inquisition

Describes the western world’s most potent religion, Catholicism, and its inquisitions to maintain power at any cost in medieval France.


Documentary – I KNOW WHAT I SAW! 🛸 UFO Documentary~

Attack on a night club in Germany | DW Documentary

The eastern German town Frankfurt an der Oder was long held up as a model of integration – until a group of refugees stormed a popular nightclub.

Deadliest Roads | Liberia | Free Documentary

Torrential rain, flooded villages, crossings turned into rivers, overflowing sewage systems, people drowning in their own homes; the rainy season in Liberia is one of the most destructive in the world.

The Destructive Power Of Deontay Wilder (2020)

In preparation for the much anticipated rematch between arguably the hardest hitting heavyweight of all time and undefeated lineal champion Tyson Fury set for February 22nd.

Coronavirus: Is Britain Ready? | Documentary

Brighton, home to the UK’s first cluster of Coronavirus cases, is feeling the pressure. With schools, doctors surgeries and individual residents taking precautions – there are many urgent questions swirling.

Kevin Garnett Documentary: First Look | SHOWTIME Basketball

Get a first look at the upcoming SHOWTIME Sports Kevin Garnett documentary coming Fall of 2020.

Germany’s role in NATO and the world | DW Documentary

The world has become more insecure and a new arms race seems imminent. Disarmament treaties are lapsing and existing alliances crumbling. Will Germany be able to meet the challenges?