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Motivational Speaking | Teddy Vs. DoBoy

After taking a motivational speaking class, DoBoy thinks he can motivate people to get out of the friend zone. Who do you think was the best motivational speaker?

How to Make Money from Scratch

How to Make Money from Scratch – Long term Business Development

Brother Polight – Why I love money

“Brother Polight” – Why I love money / 9-5 job is a social sacrifice


In this clip Al Harrington talks about his business ventures that can potentially make him a billionaire in the next few years

How Much George Clooney made off of Tequila?

How George Clooney STARTED and SOLD a BILLION Dollar Tequila Company

Warren Buffett & Jay – Z – Billionaire Investing Secrets (Interview with Forbes)

In this interview from 2010, the world’s most famous investor chats with Jay Z and Steve Forbes about talent, success and building moats.

15 Non-Obvious Signs Someone is Wealthy

15 Non Obvious Signs Someone is Wealthy | Motivational

The Rich People of Atlanta

The Rich People of Atlanta Starting Business When do you know you are RICH???

How Can Netflix Afford A $150 Million Gamble On 6 Underground?

How can Netflix risk a $150 million dollars on a movie like 6 Underground especially when they recently let it be known that they’re cutting back on production budgets? John talks discusses the topic here.