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Dame Dash – Jay Z and I lost money to make money with Roc a Fella

Damon Dash talks about the creation of Roc a Fella Records and how he and Jay Z didn’t make any money in the beginning in order to get ahead long term

The Truth about Long Term Success

The Truth about Long Term Success in LIFE and BUSINESS

Kanye West And The Creative Process Behind His Adidas Yeezy Shoes

Kanye West is the third highest-earning celebrity on Earth. Mostly due to his Yeezy line with Adidas, Forbes pegs his pretax income at $150 million over the past year.

How to make $10000 a month with 25 dollar

25 dollar 1up Strategy on how to make $10000 a month with 25 dollar 1up make money online

The Business Of Amazon Shipping Boxes

Cardboard boxes are a really big deal in the U.S. Amazon alone shipped over 5 billion packages through Prime in 2017. But as Amazon moves to plastic mailers and paper mailers the corrugated box market is bracing for the fallout.

How Real Estate Investing Works – Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone Shows You How Real Estate Investing Works LIVE!

Ignore ROI and Do this Instead

Ignore ROI and Do this Instead —Top Business Advice from Grant Cardone

Why Don’t My People Care More

This video comes from Gary’s 2017 keynote in Copenhagen.

Rent Vs Buying a Home and How to Make Millions with a Third Option

On today’s episode of Real Estate Investing Made Simple Grant Cardone calculates the cost of buying vs renting and then shows you how to make millions doing something else instead.

Zaytoven Lists Steps To Independent Success In The Industry

Famed producer Zaytoven has seen many wins in his career. From 1999 to today, the producer has worked with the likes of music’s finest like Nicki Minaj, Usher, The Migos, Gucci Mane and more.