HH Spady

HH Spady

From the bottom of North Philadelphia, 16th and Lehigh, he’s blessed with an ability to demand and conquer the attention of those in his presence. His energy captivates and fills your vision with a display of complete dedication, anger, and strength. Born December 4, 1989, Antonio Spady’s intellect was noticed by many at a young age. With a maturity level that surpasses the average, Spady masters the art of lyricism at the age of twenty where he now has proven to take on the rap game with NO BREAKS literally. With a business oriented mentality, Spady realizes it’s more than music. He has been featured on twenty-five different artist tracks and has been included on sixty different mix tapes. With shows ranging from New York to Virginia, HH Spady is acknowledged by his energy, talent, drive, stage presence and his new profound knowledge of the music business in general.

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